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List and Privacy Policies

The Mifnet is a discussion list forum for off-the-record collegial discussions of policies, events and issues affecting global transportation in general and international air transport services in particular. Mifnet encourages informed, candid debate among participants across a broad spectrum of topics ranging from consumer, economic and government policy to safety and cutting edge technological innovation.
List Policies

Subscribers to The Mifnet agree to the general format of the list and its policies:

  1. Subscribers opt-in to The Mifnet and are never added without their prior consent. Each subscriber is also recommended by another current list member.
  2. The Mifnet is a high-volume list, and by subscribing list members confirm their understanding of this fact. It is not uncommon for Mifnet subscribers to receive 60 or more individual email messages in a single day.
  3. All Mifnet discussions are "off the record" and must never be quoted, referenced, or forwarded outside of discussions on the list without the author's specific, advance authorization.
  4. Anyone concerned with the volume of Mifnet messages they receive may request a "digest" version, which combines the daily list traffic into one to three individual messages. This is done by accessing the subscriber page.

All posts sent to the list should also abide by these policies:

  1. List members acknowledge that participation in Mifnet is a privilege--not a right.
  2. Posts are always off the record, absent specific permission from the author.
  3. The tone of discussions is collegial.
  4. Posts are expected to be in reasonably good taste.
  5. We discuss ideas and not personalities, and we don't speak ill of other Mifnet members.

Privacy Policy

  1. Subscriber email addresses are used only to receive regular list traffic. They are never sold, shared, rented, or otherwise disclosed to third parties under any circumstances, without the subscriber's specific approval.
  2. Subscribers may leave the list at any time, by following the instructions contained in each and every Mifnet message, or by clicking here.
  3. Unsubscription requests are processed immediately, however it may take up to five days for queued Mifnet messages to be delivered--hence, Mifnet messagesmay be delivered to an email address that was part of the list, even after an unsubscribe request has been processed, for up to that time.

Spam and Abuse Policy

  • The Mifnet is not a commercial list, nor is it sent to anyone without their specific request and consent. It, therefore, cannot be considered spam--regardless of the list volume.
  • Any difficulties or concerns with The Mifnet should be directed to the Mifnet Abuse link (below).